ElkDroid Security and Automation


Some of you already know and have been using this since it’s release back in August of 2010. ELK Products has got your back with their third party Android application, created by Williams Automation:

“Get full command of your Elk at your fingertips. Become a power user with ElkDroid!

Achieve full control of your configured Elk M1G or EZ8 home security panel from anywhere you can access your Elk XEP.

ElkDroid provides an easy and secure way to remotely operate and monitor system state, lighting, tasks and zones.

Customize extensively for maximal efficiency based on your hardware and preferences”.

This third party app will set you back $99.00, kinda pricy IMO considering I have seen others for that price that will control your entire connected home with some help from your local Automation programmer 😉

But how much is peace of mind worth to you?

Not convinced? Check out this video about the application:


Get ElkDroid from the Android market.

Quick side note:

I have it on good authority from one of my fellow #AvTeeps (@ThatGeekGuy) that ELK’s in house app developer says they have an app almost ready for release, but there is a recent legal challenge to Google’s development of Android that has the potential of making any Android app (including commercial) fully open source. I am glad to hear that ELK has an in house app developer, it sounds like they are designing for the app generation, more after the break.