Easter’s Approaching — So Is An AV Opportunity

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cross-0213Did you know that Easter falls on Sunday, March 31st? That’s just under two months from now and for churches, that’s a deadline that’s quickly approaching! Easter church attendance is a big deal, as people who normally don’t attend church often make their way to church on this day (they’re affectionately known as the “Lily crowd,” due to the popularity of the flowers used for this Sunday).

Right now, as you’re reading this, churches are thinking about Easter and all of the prep work that goes into this high attendance weekend. This is a golden opportunity to reach out to churches with special savings, weekend rentals and/or trade-in offers. Because this is one of the two biggest church attendance weekends of the year, church leaders are keen to make a great first impression on this elusive crowd and create powerful experiences with the help of the appropriate technology.

Equally as important are the helpful (and necessary) system check-ups and cleanings. You might be surprised to see how infrequently churches tend to replace lamps, clean filters and test all of their inputs/outputs, floor box connections and cables. With a big weekend coming up, being prepared and up-to-standards is a bigger priority than usual. Service options and even extra training are all viable revenue streams in these weeks leading up to Easter.

Most importantly, it’s easier to get your company’s product and services on their radar. As I’ve said in almost every article and blog post for rAVe, relationships are the key to repeat business and referral business in the House of Worship market. You have more than an excuse to call on these churches: you have an imperative. Their needs and your solutions line up and they need to know your desire to help them get ready for Easter and serve them long after the Lilies have wilted.

This is a launch point; the establishment of something greater than the latest equipment. This is the chance for every manufacturer and systems integrator to build a trusting relationship with churches.