Don’t Forget Your Easter Follow-Up

bluecross 0313

bluecross-0313It’s probably too late to try and land some last-minute business for Easter with your church clients and prospects, but what you need to be planning for now is the immediate follow-up within 72 hours of those Sunday services.

Churches will have experienced one of their two biggest attendance days of the year. As such, anything technical that didn’t go well will be a hot topic at the next staff meeting. These failures are mostly avoidable with the right technology, processes and training, and this is a GOLDEN opportunity to provide exactly those solutions. Strike, as they say, while the iron is hot!

Be sensitive to not belabor the points of failure, but ask — genuinely — how their big Easter services went. Listen to their responses and discern where your company can meet their future needs as well as solving any lingering issues that cropped up during these big attendance weekends.

Clearly this advice applies most readily to local systems integrators and rep firms, but manufacturers and national integrators also can have the same intentionality in demonstrating an understanding of the acute, timely needs of churches. For example, this is a tremendous opportunity to promote a trade-in/trade-up program for a limited time with extra incentives. Give them something practical and time-sensitive to take back to the church leadership so that those pain points are still top-of-mind. Solving felt needs is an important part of any sale, and more so immediately following an important weekend like Easter.

Churches are like other industries: They want you to help to make them more effective and efficient. Address those felt needs, meet them where they are and build relationships that demonstrate your focus on their market.