Draper’s New TecVision Grey Surface Projection Screen Tackles Ambient Light

Draper’s new TecVision CH1200X ALR is a grey surface designed specifically to address ambient light rejection (ALR) applications. With an ALR rating of 20, the Draper says its TecVision CH1200X ALR rejects 80 percent of the ambient light not being produced by the projector. Designed for environments with high ambient lighting and controlled viewing angles, the CH1200X ALR is a high-contrast surface helping black retention and includes a 1.2 gain surface to help brighten the image in sizes up to 67 feet wide.

Like the rest of Draper’s TecVision line, CH1200X ALR is 8K-ready and Imaging Science Foundation-certified for color accuracy, so users won’t notice the blue tints present in images on many other ambient light rejecting screens. In addition, the CH1200X ALR is available as a Nanoperf surface for acoustical transparency.

Claiming better off-axis performance than its competitors, TecVision integrates a light-absorbing dark backing to prevent picture degradation from light behind the screen and a non-perforated surface.

All TecVision CH1200X ALR specs can be found here.