DPA Microphones and Klang:technologies Collaborate on Live Event Sound System

DPA Microphones and KLANG technologies collaboration

DPA Microphones and KLANG:technologies have teamed up to create a system that will enable live event teams to immerse singers and musicians in their on-stage performances. The solution integrates DPA’s 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone and KLANG’s Immersive Mixing Processor for a fully engaging experience.

The collaboration came to fruition during a series of workshops between KLANG and DPA. Engineers from the brands saw a bridge between DPA sound and KLANG processing, making the system well-suited for small clubs to large arena tours. Dedicated pre-sets can be integrated through the KLANG:app, a control application for all KLANG immersive in-ear mixing processors like the KLANG:vokal and KLANG:controller. DiGiCo users can also take advantage of the full workflow implementation on the surface of their SD or Quantum range desks. 

KLANG will add unique pre-sets to its in-ear technology that work directly with the DPA 5100 Surround microphone to best serve its customers. With the 5100, monitor engineers can add a natural ambiance into the system. The solution makes it possible to have an immersive live experience with a conventional set of stereo headphones or in-ears. KLANG’s functionality allows its in-ear users to hear each area of the venue from the exact position at which they are standing. The arrangement of the microphones within the 5100 follows ITU standards for surround and eliminates gaps between the front and rear positions.