Next Step in Flat Screens? It’s Optical Laser Panels


At ISE 2016, dnp denmark will present what it calls “the next step in the evolution of flat screens,” optical laser panels.

The new generation of dnp LaserPanels offers 100” high-contrast images at around 50 percent of the cost per screen area square inch of LED-backlit LCD screens.

And as the dnp LaserPanel uses a laser projector, low running costs and no lamp changes should drive down the total cost of ownership.

The highly attractive size-cost-quality ratio of the display provides a compelling combination, believes Soeren Kraemmergaard, VP of global sales and marketing for dnp. “If the market is clear about one thing, it’s that big is truly beautiful when it comes to display technology,” he says. “The problem is that when you take ordinary flat screens over 80” in size, there is a disproportionate price increase.”

dnp LaserPanels overcome this restriction by combining optical screen technology with Ultra Short Throw Laser projection. The result is a display that can be mounted on the wall, with the projector above or below the screen shooting from a steep angle. This makes installation easy, and users never need to worry about stepping into the beam while presenting.

The new display package is the first all-in-one bundled solution from dnp. And dnp hope to meet new potential sales partners at ISE.

“We see a huge potential for 100” dnp LaserPanels particularly in the presentation and education markets, and we are looking for channel partners who can move bundled solutions in these segments,” says Kraemmergaard

The dnp LaserPanel is also available in a Touch version, which has a rigid screen, interactive camera and IR pens for interactive presentations. Both variants come with everything required for set up, including screen, projector and wall mounts.

dnp will also perform a shoot-out between a dnp Supernova Blade Screen, with both 08-85 and 23-23 screen material and a standard white screen, to demonstrate how optical screen technology can dramatically enhance the quality of projected images in a high ambient light environment.

Visitors will also be able to experience a new and improved version of the retractable dnp Supernova Flex Classic Screen. More details are here.