dnk denmark -iseAt ISE 2020 (11-14 February, Amsterdam RAI, booth 1-E85, dnp denmark presents a full range of Ambient Light Rejecting displays not limited to these two incredible showstoppers: The new dnp Supernova Infinity UST and the transparent dnp ClearSign for retail spaces.

World’s largest high-contrast screen for UST projectors

The centerpiece of the exhibition will be a 180” version of the new dnp Supernova Infinity UST that offers endless size possibilities with Ultra Short Throw projectors.

“With this innovation, we make it possible to create cost-effective and low-maintenance displays in large venues with high ambient light levels such as auditoriums, shopping malls, airports and convention centers”, says dnp sales and marketing, Søren Kræmmergaard.

Transparent retail displays

Visitors can also experience an 80” version of the transparent eye-catcher dnp ClearSign in a simulated retail environment, the cost efficient dnp Supernova One in digital signage setup and the collaboration display dnp LaserPanel Touch.

Really Big ALR screens

At the neighbouring booth (booth 1-F90), Digital Projection displays a range of really big ALR screens from dnp denmark: a 180” version of dnp Supernova XLdnp Supernova Infinity 200”, dnp Supernova STW 120” and a double-installation with 2 x dnp Supernova One 110” 16:9.

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