Did Google Just Kill the Digital Signage Media Player?

chromebit-1115ASUS and Google have started shipping something called Chromebit — a complete Chromebook computer on a memory stick with an HDMI port on one end (to plug it directly into the display port of a monitor) and a USB port on the other end so that you can add a USB device.

Basically, this small, USB-thumb-drive-ish computer is a media player.

Oh, and it’s $85.

As Wikipedia says, “A Chromebit turns a display with an HDMI port into a desktop variant of the Chromebook laptop, which runs Google’s Chrome OS operating system.”

That says it all. But, as it is limited in computing power and memory, it’s primarily designed as a single-application device — like a media player or a PC-in-a-classroom application. It includes the Chrome OS, a web browser and 16Gb of storage along with 2GB of RAM.

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