Delta Displays Ships MiNiCON Video Wall Controller

delta minicon 0513 300x2001

delta-minicon-0513Delta’s MiNiCON builds upon the DVCS (Distributive Vision Control System) platform and offers what the company is calling a cost-effective solution for driving videowalls. Features that ensure uninterrupted operation include a fully embedded design, redundant power supplies and a diagnostic front panel display. Designed with a non-blocking switch fabric, the MiNiCON is the ideal solution for applications that require real-time display of various inputs without dropped frames.

All these inputs are controlled by the MiNiCON Manager, a Web-based user interface, and sources can be displayed in multiple scalable windows with custom borders and titles. Layouts can be saved for instant recall or auto playback and the MiNiCON processor offers up to 150 Gbps of bandwidth to for real-time video processing and quality. It supports up to 12 output screens and a variety of high-resolution input signals including RGB/DVI, HD/3G-SDI, analog videos and IP streams at a solid 60 frames per second. With frame synchronization, motion-adaptive de-interlacing and high accuracy image scaling technology, MiniCON is specifically designed for high resolution applications.

Here are all the specs: