InfoComm Spotlight: ALMO ProAV’s Museum-Like InfoComm Booth – The Digital Canvas Collection

digitalcanvas 0513 300x2001

digitalcanvas-0513I was at Almo Pro A/V last week for a meeting and happen upon the company’s plans for InfoComm and was wow’d by its approach to the booth this year. For lack of a better way of describing it, Almo is basically creating a museum-like environment and hoping to spark creative design ideas by showing displays at all sorts of different ways – including a transparent one!

Almo describes its booth as the DIGITAL CANVAS, but it’s really much more than that – it’s like a Creative Systems Canvas since it not only is fully integrated (each display is driven just as if it were actually connected to a digital signage network), but also it’s  using displays as both art and signage.

I asked Almo’s VP of Marketing Melody Craigmyle to jump on a podcast with me today to explain it all as she knows it better than anyone. She not only explains how to find Almo and what to look for, but also how you can win one of over $10,000 worth of prizes in Almo’s booth (#3951) at InfoComm 2013 next month in Orlando. Listen here.