DCC Tech Acquires Stampede – Mark Wilkins Retires a Rich Man

Stampede today announced that it has been acquired by the technology division of DCC plc, a £14.3 billion revenue, London Stock Exchange listed (LSE) international sales, marketing and support services group that employs 11,000 people in four divisions operating in 17 countries.

Who the heck is DCC? DCC is a leading international sales, marketing and support services group that operates through four divisions: LPG, Retail & Oil, Healthcare and Technology. They are a publicly traded company on the FTSE 100 and in 2017 they had revenues of $18 Billion US and realized profits of just under $1 Billion US.

DCC’s four divisions employ over 11,000 people and include:

  • DCC LPG — an LPG sales and marketing business with operations in Europe, Asia and the U.S.
  • DCC Retail & Oil — selling, marketing and retailing of transport fuels and commercial fuels
  • DCC Healthcare — a healthcare business, providing products and services to healthcare providers
  • DCC Technology — a sales, marketing and services partner for global technology brands

Tim Griffin, DCC Technology, managing director said, “The acquisition of Stampede adds an exciting new brand to our portfolio that complements our Exertis brand in Europe. The combination of Stampede’s expertise in value added distribution and our resources is going to unleash a new wave of opportunity for our partners in ProAV around the world. By establishing a presence in North America, we will be strategically positioned to leverage all of the new opportunities we expect to develop as a result of this acquisition.”

Stampede President & CEO Kevin Kelly said, “Everything we have accomplished as a company over the last 20 years is due to the amazing talent and ingenuity of our employees who created a world class company that has been limited in its growth potential only by its balance sheet. With this acquisition, we no longer have the same financial constraints limiting what we can do as a value added distributor.”

Kelly said that the acquisition does not change the way Stampede conducts business around the world.  In fact, it will accelerate the company’s global business development efforts. “Our employees, resellers and vendor partners will see an exciting evolution in how we go to market and the level of investment we can now make to grow our business.”

With the completion of the acquisition, Stampede founder and CEO Mark Wilkins has decided to retire, after nearly 40 years of service to the ProAV industry.  “I am incredibly proud of everything we have accomplished as Stampeders over these last 20 years,” Wilkins said today. “Now, with the backing and support of DCC, I can retire knowing that the company’s future is in very good hands.”

Stampede is here and DCC is here.

This story has been updated to clarify some of DCC’s business holdings.