DataVideo Intros 3G-SDI DA

vp-597-0913The new DataVideo VP-597 is a two-input, three-output 3G-SDI (with re-clock) distribution amplifier that supports embedded audio. Both inputs can be controlled by an A/B switch or GPI remote (non-locked).

A typical application for VP-597 would be to feed six monitors, all in separate locations, with a program output, then use a remote or local switch to display a second source such as a logo, black screen or a test pattern. You could even use color bars as a second source to make sure all the monitors look good. Input sources can be selected using a toggle switch or GPI closure.

VP-597 comes complete with a locking power supply connector, AC/DC power supply and a CD that includes PC software for control via the VP-597’s mini USB port. The software allows you to select input sources and GPI modes (pulse or level), update to the current firmware revision and restore the factory defaults.

Here are all the specs.