Give the Production Team a Rest — Make Your Own Presentations Next-Level With Datavideo’s iCAST Mini


datavideo icast mini

By Cathy Balke, Marketing Director

Ever since COVID-19 took the world by storm, the way we engage audiences has changed dramatically. We’ve come to accept a world in which we aren’t always able to attend meetings and presentations in the same conference room. However, that doesn’t mean we (and by we I mean everyone in the AV industry and beyond) expect anything less from the quality of a presentation or lecture.

But instead of relying on a production team to amplify your message and make sure everything goes smoothly, why not rely on yourself?

With Datavideo’s iCAST Mini, you have the power.

No Tech Expertise? No Problem.

The iCast Mini is a two-channel 4K switcher with PTZ camera control. It includes different layout options and a 7-inch touch screen with a professional I/O to connect microphones or in-room audio systems. Plus, there’s a USB-out for connecting to computer for streaming & conferencing platforms or recording applications. The USB-C output goes directly into your PC and shows up as a video and audio source in Microsoft Teams or Zoom. But even with all this tech, it’s not difficult to use — instead, it’s made with the end user in mind. And that’s because you simply plug in your devices and begin.

This is for the CFO who wants to present financials to the entire team via an online presentation. This is for the teacher, educator or lecturer who wants to have a camera automatically track them around the room. This is for the minister who wants an easy-to-use solution to help him or her present a mid-week Bible study.

“The inspiration behind the iCAST series really is to provide the presenter the ability to improve their online presentations without having a production person present,” said Rob Read, director of business development for Datavideo. “It’s about improving your presentations without having this complicated tech in the room.”

No Network Needed

We’ve already covered that to use this switcher, there is no degree, training or certification required. But have we mentioned it doesn’t even need a network connection to work? You read that correctly.

“Although you’re using a networking cable, the iCAST Mini is a smart device,” said Read. “It will make that network connection happen without having to bring your IT person in or go through that whole process.”

And who wants to be that person, filling out a support ticket because you can’t get the PTZ camera to turn on AGAIN? There’s no need for it. Built-in intuitive touch panel for switching sources, controlling and turning Datavideo’s PTZ tracking cameras keeps the tech simple and provides the presenter the control. The iCAST Mini works right out of the box or can be integrated as part of a network system — you can get back to focusing on the quality of your presentation or meeting.

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Futureproof Quality

While the world might not be “there yet” in terms of streaming and meeting in 4K, Datavideo is ready for it when it is. Able to handle up to 4K30, you can rest easy knowing your highest-quality cameras will have no problem with the iCAST Mini. So for the time when the world is ready to host Zoom and Teams meetings in 4K, we’re prepared and so are you.

More Features

Screen Shot 2023 06 08 at 11.56.12 PM

The iCAST Mini includes:

  • Tracking On/Off
  • PTZ Control/Presets
  • UVE 4K/30P Output Zoom/MS Teams
  • Autotracking Mode
  • Easy-to-Operate Interface
  • XLR Inputs
  • HDMI Inputs
  • Ability to record directly in QuickTime

iCAST Mini Versus iCAST 10NDI

As its name suggests, the iCAST Mini will be part of the iCAST series — but are you curious about where it fits in the lineup? We thought you might be.

You can think of the iCAST Mini as the iCAST 10NDI’s little sibling. While it can certainly be used to operate more than one PTZ camera and computer input, it’s more made with the “one-to-many” concept in mind. However, the 10NDI uses NDI as a protocol to bring IP signals into the switcher. It’s 7” touch panel controller connects to the 1U input/output frame and can be made to install permanently in a space permanently (whether that be on a tabletop or mounted on a wall), whereas the iCAST Mini is made to be as mobile as you are — and it’s small enough to pack up and fit in your carry-on!

InfoComm 2023

The iCAST Mini will ship beginning this summer and retails for $1,699 MSRP. If you’re interested in seeing it in action, make sure to stop by the Datavideo booth (#1761) at InfoComm 2023 to see how you, your clients and your customers can take presentations to the next level.

Finally, if you want a sneak peek, you can check out this demo on Gary Kayye’s Rants & rAVes videocast. Or you can learn more information on our website. See you in Orlando!