Datapath Releases Dedicated SDVoE Capture Card for Real-Time Streaming Applications

datapath sdvoe capture card

Datapath released a new dedicated SDVoE capture card for real-time streaming applications. The VisionSC-S2 card meets the SDVoE Alliance’s parameters for minimum latency and compatibility with the SDVoE Alliance’s range of multimanufacturer hardware solutions that provide “quality, networked video to the highest standards.”

With 4K/60 capability, the VisionSC-S2 card claims to deliver an important part of the networked video mix where there’s a need to ingest AV-over-IP into PC-based video controllers for manipulation, analysis or encoding.

With Datapath’s dedicated SDVoE capture hardware, the company says enough PCIe bandwidth is provided to properly transfer the full quality available in the SDVoE feed into an application, and with minimum added latency to ensure the end-to-end solution is fit for real-time applications. Furthermore, SDVoE is “ideal for routing to media servers for long-distance real-time signal processing where minimum latency is crucial.”

Here are all the specs: