Crown Ships DriveCore Install Series Amplifiers

Crown-DCi-1250-Network-1213HARMAN’s Crown Audio started shipping four of its DriveCore Install (DCi) Series power amplifiers. Available in both DCi Analog and DCi Network Ethernet-linkable configurations, the 4-channel and 2-channel amplifiers are spec’d at 1,250 watts per channel into 2, 4 or 8 ohms and 70-volt and 100-volt (all channels driven; 2,500 watts in bridged mode), and are designed for installs in stadiums, arenas, amusement parks, clubs and casinos.

The models include the DCi Analog 4-channel DCi4|1250 and 2-channel DCi2|1250, and the DCi Network 4-channel DCi4|1250N and 2-channel DCi2|1250N. Both share the same specs, with the DCi Network amplifiers adding Ethernet connectivity that enables networked configuration via RJ-45 cable and BLU link digital audio transport. The DCI Network amplifiers offer networked monitoring and control via HARMAN HiQnet Audio Architect system software. The amplifiers also incorporate a global power supply that is designed to accept AC input voltages from 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz (+/- 15 percent).

Here are all the specs.