Creative Realities Collaborates With Paradies Lagardère to Enhance the Airport Shopping Experience

creative realities paradies lagardere

Creative Realities announced its collaboration with Paradies Lagardère. With over 700 retail and restaurant locations strategically positioned across more than 90 airports in North America, Paradies Lagardère stands as a “beacon of innovation, creating unique shopping environments in airports.” This dynamic approach illuminates new pathways in the realm of airport retail, where technology meets curated consumer experiences, redefining how travelers engage with retail spaces.

The heart of the deployment lies in the dynamic digital screens & LED walls designed and installed by Creative Realities. These technologies serve a dual purpose: to “enhance the overall ambiance with seasonal and environmental content while promoting specific products and in-store sales.” Overseeing the complete execution strategy, Creative Realities provided renderings that demonstrated how these installations would augment the airport’s ambiance, a crucial factor in expanding Paradies Lagardère’s footprint, elevating the broader airport experience while commanding greater impact for its brand locations.

“By strategically deploying LED solutions that blend seamlessly with the stores’ static elements, we’ve amplified the allure of travel essentials, transforming ordinary spaces into captivating environments and setting Paradies Lagardère apart from other retailers,” said Rick Mills, CEO at Creative Realities. “Especially as the holiday season kicks into full swing and airports buzz with increased activity, LED solutions like this drive additional foot traffic and also create a dynamic atmosphere that helps hectic travelers find travel or gift essentials while in motion.”

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The digital screens provide promotional and seasonal messaging updates, as well as tailored content animations that empower Paradies Lagardère to make personalized recommendations, enhancing customer interactions and driving sales. The seamless integration of technology enhances operational efficiency and enriches travelers’ overall shopping experience.

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As airports increasingly compete to offer the most innovative and appealing retail spaces, Paradies Lagardère relies on key partners like Creative Realities to help establish new standards in travel retail. The LED installations serve as a testament to Paradies Lagardère’s dedication to offering travelers a shopping experience that is both convenient and visually captivating.

“We believe in offering travelers more than just products; we offer a full and engaging experience,” said Chris Tennyson, Senior Director of Interior Design and Visual Merchandising at Paradies Lagardère. “Creative Realities understood our vision and worked closely with us to bring it to life. Their expertise in merging analog and digital elements created a harmonious blend of technology and aesthetics, setting a new standard in airport retail.”