PPDS Announces Philips Signage 3000 EcoDesign Series of LCD Monitors

ppds philips signage 300 ecodesign series

PPDS (aka Philips Professional Displays) has announced the new Philips Signage 3000 EcoDesign Series QE-Line of LCD monitors. Available immediately, the Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign is available in 50”, 55” and 65” sizes and can be installed in portrait or landscape modes.

The new QE-Line complements the Signage 3000 Q-Line Series with a redesigned and repackaged look using PPDS’ new Eco Design methodology for reduced wastage. Developed both in-house and in partnership with market leaders, including advanced remote management — PPDS says the Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign consumes up to 50% less power versus comparable models while continuing to offer best-in-class 4K Ultra HD visual performance via a powerful 350 cd/m2 LED display.

Available now, and set to go on display at ISE 2024, the Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign has already been awarded the EPEAT Silver Climate+ Ecolabel, which measures the social and environmental impacts of products from extraction to end-of-life, certifying that it has met 100% of the Climate Criteria plus at least 50% of the existing optional criteria. It has also received among the industry’s lowest energy label ratings for a high-impact professional display, with EU Energy Label E rating on the 50″ model and D rating label on the 55″ and 65″ models.

The EU energy labeling system has been a “key driver in helping consumers choose products that are more energy efficient.” At the same time, it also encourages manufacturers to drive innovation by using more energy-efficient technologies, with PPDS aiming to lead the advance.

Mirroring other premium models, including the market favorite Philips Signage 3000 Series Q-Line, the Philips Signage 3650 EcoDesign is equipped with a quad-core chipset ensuring performance. It joins PPDS’ Android SoC family of displays and can be managed manually or entirely remotely using third-party software or PPDS’ range of in-house solutions.

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This now includes PPDS Wave — the company’s secure cloud ecosystem, providing advanced and effortless remote device management and content control for Philips Professional Display fleets of any size and in any location. Adding further sustainability opportunities, Wave can proactively monitor and address issues, even before they occur, while optimizing performance and managing power schedules, screen brightness, and, therefore energy consumption of each display.