ClearOne Debuts MagicBox Digital Signage Server

Websuite 1012

Websuite-1012ClearOne today announced the release of the MagicBox “on-premise” Entry-Level Server (ELS) web-based, digital signage software. The ELS runs MagicBox WebSuite software applications for digital signage, including content creation and asset management inside a browser for content management — from design to verification. The ELS is available with upgradable licensing options to support 5, 15 or 25 media players.

Built in applications included in the ELS are:

  • Composer – an app to manage multimedia assets, custom-build layout, schedule and publish projects
  • Ad Logger – for network verification of impression analytics
  • Audio Manager – for audio playlist creation and management software

In addition, the ELS allows users to upload content and manage content repository, set different security levels for different users, set up and organize signage players on the network and the ability to remotely upgrade media players via the network.

Here are all the specs.