CCI Announces the Latest Addition to Its Family of Lecterns Designed for the Education Market

Screen Shot 2022 07 14 at 9.53.33 AMCCI has announced the latest addition to its family of lecterns designed for the Education Market. This product was created in collaboration with University of North Carolina.

On July 10, the Configure-IT Lectern was born. This new product officially goes into production September 2022. The expected street price will be under $2,000 with 16ru of rack mount equipment space. The company is now accepting orders.

This modular “building-block” system starts with a mobile sit-to-stand instructor’s table. The work surface can adjust from 30”H at its lowest point to 42”H at its highest. This range of adjustment also makes this table wheelchair (ADA) compliant. CCI accomplishes this adjustment without the use of expensive electric motors, thus freeing the lectern from being tethered to a power outlet. The mechanism used for this adjustable table incorporates a simple “spring-assist” feature and carries a lifetime warranty.

Check out this video:

A matching equipment cabinet is the next component. This freestanding cabinet includes a locking rear access panel and can be positioned on the left or the right. Customers needing more than 16ru for equipment space can order a second cabinet to be positioned left or right. This cabinet can be customized with an optional front door, adjustable rack shelves and drawers. Casters will be included for both the cabinet and the adjustable table.

There is a growing trend on campus for the equipment cabinet to be positioned in the front of the classroom—separated from the instructor’s table. With locking wheels, the instructor has the freedom to move around the classroom using a laptop or tablet. Each piece can be ordered separately.

It’s all here: