CCI’s COOL-IT Air Flow System Upgrade Now Available as Lectern Add-On

cool air

Computer Comforts, Inc. (CCI) adds a new feature to its family of lecterns dubbed the COOL-IT Air Flow System. This system was designed in collaboration with the AV Engineers at UNC Chapel Hill.

We were told by the university that heat and dust were the two biggest enemies of any AV installation,” said Frank Kolavo, Founder of CCI. “The college challenged us to create a simple, affordable solution for pulling cool, clean air through our AV cabinets.”

Three main components were used to accomplish this goal. First, a custom-filtered perforated front door was designed to accept any ‘off-the-shelf’ 14-inch by 20-inch air filter. Second, a rear door was created with an exhaust slot. This door is designed to work with the third component — a quiet 1ru cooling fan. This powerful little fan will pull the cool air through the filtered front door and blow the hot air out the rear exhaust slot.

This new COOL-IT upgrade adds about $400 to the cost of one of their standard lecterns (fan + filtered front door + exhaust rear door combo). This is a great investment for protecting your expensive AV hardware from damage. This cooling system is now available for all CCI’s 14u lectern cabinets.