C2G Debuts New C2G50348 AV Controller

C2G announced its new AV Controller (C2G50348), a full-featured in-wall solution designed to streamline audio and video equipment control in classrooms and conference rooms. The C2G AV Controller claims to eliminate the need for multiple remotes while simplifying installation and programming for integrators.

C2G says the design of its AV Controller prioritizes both ease of operation and installation. It offers a “hassle-free” setup process and provides the flexibility required to configure and customize various AV systems efficiently. There are eight backlit buttons with nine levels of brightness for any lighting environment and interchangeable labels. All buttons can be programmed to send bi-directional infrared, RS-232 and RS-485 commands simultaneously. C2G says this feature enables simultaneous control of third-party devices, including up to two serial devices, such as a projector or display, a 12V DC triggered device such as a projector screen or blinds and IR devices such as a DVD/Blu-ray player, document camera and other equipment.

The controller also supports daisy chaining, allowing up to 99 programmable control panels to be linked and controlled together using ID identification. The controller can be programmed with USB connectivity, which works with the AV Controller software. The AV Controller is also equipped with a Multiport Controller Interface Adapter, enabling control of up to five devices such as amplifiers, projectors, screens and monitors.