BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to the Conference Room: Is Vaddio the Game Changer?

GroupSTATION-Collaboration-System-wMount-0114BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become quite common in the IT world of large organizations. However, BYOD has not been adequately applied to video conference rooms. Vaddio is out to the change the face of video conferencing for the better by creating “adaptable” systems.

Vaddio introduced its GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION at Infocomm 2013. While they were not 100 percent ready for prime time then, they have now been put to the tests as a go-to system that flips the game of video conferencing on its head.

Traditionally a large number of users have hesitated to use video conferencing in conferencing rooms due to unfamiliarity with the equipment in the room. What if all they had to know was how to operate their PC/Macs and share their USB/video ports to a speakerphone and Monitor?

The Vaddio GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION bring concept of BYOD to conference room users. In addition to easing user anxiety about complex conference room gear, Vaddio’s concept bring ADAPTABILITY. No longer is the conference room tied to a H.323/SIP video system. This allows user to hold group calls with more legacy web conferencing systems such as WebEx and GotoMeeting, or even the new up-and-comer

For organizations who like the idea of BYOD but still need to call the traditional video conference codecs? Not a problem if your users are using a software based client such as Cisco Jabber or Polycom RealPresence Desktop. The Vaddio system is essentially limitless with the user’s PC coming to the room.

Vaddio’s  GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION caters to a unique room style. The GroupSTATION includes a fixed PTZ camera with a 19x zoom which fits conference rooms that seat 10-20 people. HuddleSTATION offers a wide angle lens (82 degrees) to allow for video collaboration within a small conference room.

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Each of these products includes Vaddio’s new MicDock which has a 12’ pick up range. Each Mic-Dock contains four cardoid microphones which allow for 360 degree pickup. Another unique feature that Vaddio has added to the mix is VoIP phone capabilities in the Mic-Dock. Please note that the final list of compatible systems is still getting finalized.

Vaddio is enabling BYOD by allowing organizations to simplify their visual collaboration needs with the GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION.