Building IPTV to Build Up in 2010

The demand for building IPTV solutions will keep growingIPTV-0510 over the next 12 months according to research findings revealed by Exterity. A survey of qualified attendees at the ISE 2010 Show found that 88 percent expect the building IPTV market to grow in the year ahead, with 35 percent predicting a significant increase in demand.

This represents a notable increase compared to 2009, during which, when more than half (53 percent) of respondents saw growth in Building IPTV, and only 12 percent noted significant increase.
Respondents say ease of integration with other parts of an organization’s infrastructure as the key benefit of building IPTV (23 percent), while its ability to deliver a rapid return on investment for customers (21 percent) was also seen as an important driver.  Other benefits include building IPTV’s ability to deliver an improved end-user experience compared to traditional TV/AV technologies (13 percent), its cost effectiveness compared to alternative technologies (13 percent) and its ability to generate significant revenue opportunities for organizations (11 percent).

One in five respondents say education generates the biggest demand for building IPTV deployments to date, whilst 15 percent believe the corporate space was responsible for the greatest demand. Surprisingly, 15 percent of systems integrators believe Government & Public Services are leading the charge in building IPTV deployments, while only 8 percent believe Hospitality is generating the greatest demand.

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