Bryston Unveils Complete Loudspeaker Lineup

bryston loudspeaker 0313

bryston-loudspeaker-0313Bryston has announced the introduction of a complete line of high performance loudspeakers engineered for both music and home theater applications. The line will consist of eight models:

  • Model T (MSRP $6,495 pair) shipping now
  • Model T Signature (MSRP $7,495 pair) shipping now
  • Model T Active (MSRP $9,495 pair — requires 6 channels of amplification not included) shipping now
  • Middle T (MSRP $4,600 pair) shipping May, 2013
  • mini t (MSRP $2,695 pair) shipping now
  • TC1 Center (MSRP $3,200 each) shipping now
  • TC1 mini Center (MSRP $2,200 each) shipping May, 2013
  • T Sub (MSRP $4,195 each) shipping now
  • T IW (in-wall) (MSRP $560 each) shipping Q3, 2013
  • T OW (on-wall) (MSRP $560 each) shipping Q3, 2013

The 52.5-inch tall three-way floorstanding Model T is available in three formats: the standard speaker with an internal passive crossover network, the Signature model with an external passive network that utilizes custom-made components including air-core chokes and Bryston-proprietary film capacitors and a flagship Active version that comes with a Bryston 24-bit digital electronic crossover (instead of a passive network) enabling tri-amplification of the system. All three versions of the Model T utilize three 8-inch woofers, two 5.25-inch midranges and two 1-inch titanium dome tweeters.

The Middle T is a smaller floor-standing three-way loudspeaker utilizing two bass drivers, a midrange and a tweeter. The mini t is a smaller version of the Middle T using a single bass driver also in a three-way configuration. Both the TC1 and TC1 mini are three-way speakers providing center channel options of different sizes. The T Sub utilizes three 8-inch woofers powered by an internal 600-watt amplifier. Both architectural models, the T IW and the T OW, are three-way sealed enclosure designs. Bryston loudspeakers come in three high-tech vinyl-wrapped standard finishes: Black Ash, Natural Cherry and Boston Cherry. Optional hardwood veneers and high gloss painted finishes available at additional cost.

Here are the specs: