Bryston Expands BIT Lineup of AC Power Isolation Devices

bryston-bit-lineup-0315Bryston has launched the new BIT (Bryston Isolation Transformer) models aimed at larger applications. The new 45- and 60-amp models feature a 220/240-volt input with a 120-volt output and are available with or without AVR technology (Automatic Voltage Regulation). In addition to these new models, all BIT products will now be available with standard rack-mount faceplates, making them ideally suited for larger residential and commercial installations.

Bryston says the BIT product lineup was developed to address the need for an AC power device that accomplished three key objectives: power line conditioning, isolation and non-MOV-based protection. Existing models include 5-, 15- and 20-amp versions, now available with either 17-inch standard faceplates or 19-inch rack-mount faceplates.

Bryston’s new BIT products are already shipping and range in list prices from $5,900-$8,900.

Here are all the details.