BroadSign Upgrades Network Management Software

BroadSign announced the company upgraded its network management software to include reporting how many times each ad was played on each screen. Proof of Performance Reports will then compare achieved exposures against the planned ones, so advertisers will not be billed for the ads not delivered due to a technical problem.

The new software version takes into account the business hours, holidays and days off at each location, and will turn off screens when a location is closed.

The Digital Media Logistics Suite 5.0 lets advertisers target their campaigns according to demographic and geographic criteria. Network operators will have flexibility in how to configure their network and which criteria to assign to each screen, area, site, location or market. For instance, a camera film ad may be directed selectively to only those supermarket screens that have film processing stands, or a print cartridge ad can be targeted to the screens near printer sections. In another example, MP3 player ads can be scheduled to the areas in shopping malls frequented by 21-35 year olds with medium-to-high income.

DMLS 5.0 also lets operators make sure the screens are on and playing what was scheduled. The application monitors screens and playback PCs, reports problems and has remote troubleshooting mechanisms. It also has a more user-friendly interface, according to the company.