Bosch Details New Synsona PRM-2P600 Amplifier

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Bosch unveiled the PRM-2P600 amplifier for fixed installations as part of its Synsona product family for background music and announcements. The Synsona family now includes a two-channel model, the PRM-2P600, featuring a 600-watt output capacity in a compact format. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications – from background music to public announcements – it provides a system drive for any small to medium-sized installation scenario. This makes it apt for a variety of applications including supermarkets, retail stores, educational institutions and hospitality areas, according to the company. The new model broadens the options for specifying amplification for sound systems in fixed installations, as integrators can combine various PRM models to align precisely with the specific project requirements. Sharing the high-quality features of its larger counterpart, the PRM-2P600 offers versatility, power efficiency and stable performance by incorporating advanced Bosch amplifier technologies.

At just a single rack unit high and half a rack width wide, Bosch says the PRM-2P600 presents a multitude of installation options wherever space is limited. Designed as a convection-cooled power amplifier, it operates silently, making it suitable for quiet environments. The included brackets facilitate single or dual rack-mounting, as well as unobtrusive installation in tighter spaces, such as under counters. When rack-mounted side by side, two amplifiers fit in a single rack unit, efficiently utilizing space and doubling the channel count and output power.

The PRM-2P600 combines the same features and Bosch technologies found as its four-channel sibling model. The powerTANK technology provides automatic power allocation, acting as a power reservoir. With direct access to the total power of 600 watts, the PRM-2P600 can deliver asymmetric power across all channels as needed. Both amplifier channels to be flexibly driven at 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 70 V or 100 V without affecting the output power, according to Bosch.