BlueJeans On the Go: Mobile Meetings Without Compromise

BlueJeans Network today announced a complete re-do of its mobile meeting experience with an all-new BlueJeans Mobile App. To address the reality of more people meeting remotely, BlueJeans integrated the Dolby VoiceÆ audio stack into its Android and iOS mobile meeting apps. BlueJeans customers now enjoy Dolby Voice audio from the meeting room, desktop, tablet or phone. Features include:

  • Dolby Voice HD Audio for better meeting comprehension
  • Dolby Voice Noise Reduction to remove distracting noise
  • Voice placement to present each speaker’s voice from a distinct location like you’d hear in person
  • Natural interaction between meeting participants minimizing delays and conversation pauses

There are also times when mobile users are traveling and experience variable network performance. BlueJeans Mobile will now anticipate these trouble spots and remediate the situation for the user through quality alerts and automatic performance management, including turning video off to preserve audio or recommending that users switch to a PSTN connection. When users switch to PSTN, they will now maintain the ability to receive video and content, so that the network conditions won’t impact their ability to remain engaged in the meeting. BlueJeans Mobile also now includes the ability to have the app dial meeting attendees directly to join a meeting, so users are not bothered with dialing and entering the wrong digit while on the move.

BlueJeans Meetings data shows that mobile users are most active during traditional commuting hours (7 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.). To address these trends and to deliver a safer experience, BlueJeans Transit Mode (available soon), is a streamlined user experience designed to keep meeting participants focused on the road and not on their phones. This new capability minimizes distractions by increasing the size of buttons that matter, like the Join and Mute buttons, and minimizing potentially disruptive features like video and content sharing for users on the go. This allows users to focus on their commute or catching the train while the meeting experience is intelligently managed without additional overhead for the users.

BlueJeans Mobile’s new iOS screen share features makes sure that users have access to a full in-person compatible experience to share pictures, videos, and presentations without having to pull out a laptop. BlueJeans claims that phones and tablets provide the same level of engagement and productivity as the traditional desktop experience.

Details on the new BlueJeans mobile meeting experience are here.