Blue Line Partners with Essex Powerlines to Lower Home Energy Usage

soe_logo_400_110-0814Blue Line Innovations today announced how customers of Essex Powerlines receive Blue Line’s in-home energy display for free, when signing up for Ontario’s saveONenergy peaksaver PLUS program.

The display can save consumers roughly 10 percent on average on their home energy costs. With peak energy rates in Ontario having increased 48 percent over the past 5 years (9.1 cents to 13.5 cents per kilowatt), Blue Line and peaksaverPLUS allows consumers to immediately adjust their electricity consumption to offset summer air conditioner usage, phantom power waste and expected future rate hikes.

Key features include:

  • Overall increased awareness of energy consumption
  • Alerts you when consuming expensive energy at peak times, so you can adjust activity to reduce costs
  • Provides instant feedback on changes to electricity usage, so you can immediately see cost-savings
  • Displays electricity used by key appliance and how minor adjustments can lead to savings
  • Eliminates hidden electricity waste through real-time display of power consumption — see how much is being used when you believe the home is “turned off”
  • Estimating feature provides feedback on the impact of changes and uses recent trends to provide a next 30-day usage projection.

Here are some details and a video that explains it.