Biamp Now Shipping Cambridge QT X Sound Masking Solution

biamp cambridge qt x

Biamp is shipping the Cambridge Qt X sound masking solution. Every Qt X controller, including the in-plenum Qt X 800 model, the rackmount 805 models and the Dante-compatible versions, are available today. The Qt X is an all-in-one sound masking solution that protects speech privacy, reduces noise distractions, improves office comfort and claims to boost productivity. Because it’s capable of controlling either direct or indirect sound masking installations—or both — on a single system, the Qt X platform gives system integrators the flexibility to design solutions that meet end-user architectural requirements without compromises. From healthcare facilities and courtrooms, to call centers, law offices, and businesses of all types — it’s the right sound masking solution for any environment.

With the Qt X platform, customers will initially benefit from full support of systems of up to 55 controllers and up to 110 independent paging zones from either analog or networked paging stations, with more to come in later releases! In addition, upcoming firmware enhancements will enable support for even more zones plus a full and seamless integration with Biamp’s award-winning NPX network paging stations via Qt X.
Qt X key benefits:

  • Unmatched installation flexibility: from simple to sophisticated, Qt X can be installed as a single, standalone sound masking controller, or as a multi-controller solution that delivers countless benefits as a fully networked system.
  • Seamless integration with building-wide AV technologies thanks to standard compatibility with shared network audio and control interfaces.
  • Enterprise-class security features enable every Qt X system to be deployed with confidence on any secure corporate network.
  • Standard Ethernet hardware and core components interconnect using the same networking standards businesses use today.
  • New controller platform, familiar installation: compatibility with Biamp’s industry-leading Qt Pro and Dynasound Pro emitters and loudspeakers enables time-saving familiarity when deploying the feature-rich Qt X solution.
  • Simple integration with background music and paging sources: audio is easily shared among zones as an analog input or as a networked audio source from Biamp’s Tesira platform via AVB or Dante.
  • System-wide control from a single access point: make system-wide adjustments from one interface with the Qt X controller’s front panel or the simple web interface.
  • REST application programming interface enables third-party control compatibility.
  • System scheduling allows users to ramp-down sound masking output during off hours, and to gradually ramp-up post-installation output to help occupants become comfortable in their new acoustical environment.
  • Emergency muting enables any Qt X system to be interfaced with a fire alarm panel to allow a systemwide emergency mute from a single contact closure interface.