BenQ Education Brings Sustainability to the Classroom With New BenQ LH650 Laser Projector

BenQ LH650

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Jan. 23, 2024 — BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display and collaboration solutions, today announced the new BenQ LH650 4,000-lumen 1080p laser projector. Perfectly suited for today’s classrooms, the maintenance-free LH650 sets a new course in the classroom projector category delivering twice the pixel density (PPI2) of an average WXGA classroom projector and over two million total pixels on a 100″ screen. With 90% Rec. 709 coverage for color accuracy, HDR10 for video, lower power consumption, centralized software management, and a three-year unrestricted warranty with special education-only pricing of just $977, the LH650 is designed with sustainability in mind featuring recycled plastic, a small form factor, and less e-waste.

“Traditional classroom projectors are taxing on the environment and the school budget — from their energy costs to replacing lamps and filters — without delivering the video quality that teachers need to help students learn,” said Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ Education. “We asked ourselves, how can we create a better classroom projector? The BenQ LH650 is a more advanced projector that costs less to run and is truly sustainable.”

Schools Need Higher Resolution
Students need videos that provide the clarity for the much more complex content shown in classrooms today. Without it, the risk is that information will be pixelated and hard to read. This demands greater pixel density, which is the number of pixels per inch that yields the overall resolution. The 4,000-lumen 1080p BenQ LH650 is the first laser projector available for less than $1K to deliver larger, more pixel-dense content with over twice the pixel density compared to the WXGA projector used in many classrooms today. As a result, students enjoy a readable image that is clear and discernable to the entire class no matter where they are seated in the room.

Schools Need Rec. 709 Color Accuracy
Rec. 709 is the trusted color space standard in cinematic and professional creative industries. Rec. 709 color space depicts a much more full, vibrant color range so that content shown is as close to the original as possible. Rec. 709 traditionally has been a feature only found in high-end home theater projectors due to costs. Now, BenQ has brought it to the classroom. The BenQ LH650 features 90% Rec. 709, so classroom content is not only bright, but also clear and accurate.

Schools Need HDR Video
Video can have a powerful impact on learning, increasing engagement, effectiveness, and creative and critical thinking. According to, 97% of teachers use video in the classroom regularly and 55% assign video homework. To ensure that the video looks as good as possible, the BenQ LH650 features HDR10 support for maximum brightness and color depth for a much more captivating learning experience.

Schools Can Reduce Energy Consumption & Protect the Planet
Copiers and projectors are among the most power-hungry devices in schools, burning an estimated 1.39 million kWh per day and over 175 million kWh over the course of a year. Standard projectors have tried to solve this with Eco Mode, a feature that has resulted in up to 30% loss in brightness. In classrooms, a loss in brightness could result in poor clarity and readability for all students. In order to help schools reduce projector power usage without sacrificing clarity, the BenQ LH650 features SmartEco 2.0. BenQ’s SmartEco 2.0 technology uses an image processing algorithm to adjust color light level for each frame while providing up to 60% in electricity savings. The LH650’s other power saving features include auto power on and off as well as auto blank screen for a much more friendly user experience.

Furthering the LH650’s green design, BenQ engineered the projector from 50% recycled plastic and in half the size of a standard laser projector, resulting in less plastic, fuel used in shipping, and packaging and waste. In addition, the projector uses less e-waste, with only 1/3 the waste of popular lamp projectors.

Schools Need Zero Maintenance, Longer Lasting Picture Quality, and Unrestricted Usage
BenQ is on a mission to end the costly, labor-intensive cycle of ineffective and inefficient maintenance that projectors demand. The LH650 is part of BenQ’s growing line of projectors featuring a sealed laser engine. This IP5X-certified sealed engine eliminates filter cleanings and keeps dust particles from being vaporized by lasers, which shortens the life of the projector. In addition, BenQ projectors will not yellow over time — a common phenomenon of popular laser projectors. The LH650 comes with BenQ’s three-year warranty that has no dust exclusion or excessive use and requires regular maintenance clauses.

The new LH650 projector is available exclusively to educational institutions via BenQ’s new “Teach Your Way” program. Teach Your Way offers schools planning, pricing, and customer support benefits for BenQ’s latest lineup of projection solutions, including BenQ maintenance-free LED and laser projectors. The LH650 is available with special education-only pricing of just $977.

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