Barix Attends ISE 2023

barix ise 2023

Barix comes to ISE 2023 with a message of interoperability for Microsoft Teams users that will simplify functionalities, including direct SIP calls, that were previously too complex and expensive to perform. Barix will demonstrate how its entire IPAC family of amplifiers and decoders, including its new-for-ISE Annuncicom MPI400 device, can help Teams users not only initiate SIP calls but trigger alarms, activate doors and more through its new partnership with CyberTwice.

CyberTwice is a Dutch software development company that creates SaaS applications for global enterprises to connect, process and utilize their communications, access control and surveillance data. Through this functionality, their customers can effectively control, automate and optimize their business processes while remaining in compliance with rules and regulations.

CyberTwice has partnered with Barix to support its CyberGate SaaS service, which specifically focuses on bridging SIP client devices with Microsoft Teams. Working together, Barix and CyberGate provides businesses, schools and other users with a straightforward and cost-efficient way to make bidirectional calls between Teams and Barix IPAC hardware devices. Barix users can also trigger activations using dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) relays to open doors and initiate alarms from any Teams device, including desktops, mobile apps and teams phones, without using complex and expensive session board controllers.

CyberTwice carefully chooses which hardware vendors they work with to support two-way audio and live video in the Teams environment. Barix was selected to enable these specific functions for CyberGate users for a variety of reasons, including its reach into diverse business verticals, highly secure and reliable hardware, and large global base of installed IP paging systems. Barix also passed the highly stringent performance and interoperability tests that CyberGate requires to certify compatibility.

“Barix is a very interesting manufacturer because of the many verticals they address with their product lines, and they have very strong solutions for paging and announcements,” said Frank Kuipers, Sales Leader of CyberTwice. “We found that we worked with many large enterprise organizations with existing Barix paging hardware that they wanted to continue using. Since CyberGate is a transactable SaaS solution and there is proven interoperability with Barix, they can continue to use their Barix products without the concern of switching to different hardware. The partnership also alerts CyberGate users to the exceptional functionality that Barix IPAC devices provide if they do not have a modern paging infrastructure in place.”

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Kuipers adds that the “transactable SaaS” benefit of CyberGate means that enterprises can purchase, activate and configure CyberGate online through Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. “To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company worldwide that offers this kind of service as a transactable SaaS solution. That not only makes it easy to get a CyberGate system upon and running quickly, but also natively connects to a new or existing Barix system. From there, Teams users can enjoy the freedom of making calls and activating other events around a building or campus direct from the Teams application.”

In addition to the new Annuncicom MPI400, the complete Barix range of IPAC devices include the IP Former TPA400, Exstreamer M400 and Exstreamer MPA400 IP devices. All will be on display at the Barix ISE 2023 stand (7B150). ISE 2023 takes place January 31-February 3 at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via in Spain.

The new Annuncicom MPI400 will be especially compelling for CyberGate users, as it was specifically developed for networked intercom and paging applications with elevated security standards. The Annuncicom MPI400 can serve as a robust IP intercom and paging end point or as a gateway between IP and legacy systems, microphone/speakers or an amplifier.

“Barix has been actively seeking ways to help our customers bridge the gap between their installed Barix systems and Microsoft Teams, as our customers in the corporate, education and government verticals increasingly rely on Teams to communicate and manage business operations,” said Reto Brader, CEO, Barix. “Our partnership with CyberTwice, and specifically its CyberGate SaaS, open a new spectrum of possibilities for Barix to reach a broader customer base, and help Barix customers move their Teams functionality in exciting new directions.”