Barco Intros Secure, Cloud-Based Collaboration Solution for Surgery Called NexxisLive

Barco NexxisLive surgery collaborationBarco just launched NexxisLive, a collaboration solution for surgery. NexxisLive is a secure cloud-based software platform that makes it possible to involve the right people for any type of surgical intervention, wherever they are. As in many other professions, remote collaboration provides surgeons with a quick and flexible solution to offer or consult medical and technical knowledge, without losing time or needing travel. Teleassistance, teleconferencing, and telementoring: NexxisLive supports it all, in a strongly secured environment. The software platform enables participants anywhere to talk, chat and annotate as if they’re all in the same operating room, with excellent audio and video quality, and minimal latency.

Accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis, a rapidly growing number of hospitals worldwide is taking the step towards remote surgical training, assistance and conferencing. With a shortage of medical expertise in multiple fields, virtual solutions offer an easy way to access expert knowledge at the very moment that it’s needed, from anywhere in the world. At the same time, rapid advancements in medical technology urge surgical departments to keep up with innovations, encouraging surgeons to embrace them rapidly.

As a result, the advantages of remotely involving other surgeons in complicated procedures are proving their worth, as well as those of remotely teaching students. Virtually, students can follow more types of interventions in a live environment and communicate with other participants in real-time. Also, the number of people present can be much higher than in a physical OR. Not to mention, it’s possible to greatly improve patient outcomes by having experts immediately called in during surgeries, no matter where they are.

The advantages of NexxisLive includes: users can send out multiple video streams, in order to easily consult remote experts, guide surgeons in the use of new surgical equipment, support novices during their first surgeries, or invite a group of students to observe, without them crowding the OR. Bi-directional annotation options further facilitate communication. With NexxisLive, any party can be virtually present, even when it’s physically not possible.

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