Barco Adds New LED-Lit Control Room Video Wall Displays

With the OverView M series, Barco enters the small- to medium-sized control room market, offering a DLP-based, SXGA (1400×1050) resolution monitor wall that includes 10-bit color processing and an 80,000-hour LED light source. The first range of OverView M video wall cubes to hit the market are the 4:3 aspect ratio versions, available with screen diagonals of 60”, 67” and 80”. Barco told rAVe that widescreen models will become available later this year.

Barco claims that to ensure good wall uniformity in terms of color and brightness levels, the OverView MVL-615 comes with Barco’s Sense5 automatic calibration system. This system works with a color sensor that continuously measures the primary color levels of the entire wall, and adjusts white point and color when needed. This results in a significantly more accurate cube to cube uniformity over the lifespan of the display. Furthermore, the module’s robust structure makes the OverView MVL-615 suitable for use in industrial environments.

The OverView MVL-615 is 60″ diagonally and can be stacked horizontally or vertically. Full specs are here.