Barco Debuts 35K Lumen Projector

HDQ2k-0614Barco has expanded its projection portfolio for rental and staging and house of worship markets with a brand-new three-chip DLP projector with a specified brightness level of 35,000 lumens. Dubbed the HDQ-4K35, this projector is capable of showing native 4K content at 60 Hz frame rates. It has an integrated design with internal power supply, rental frame and no external chimney fan.

The HDQ-4K35 is equipped with a Xenon 6.5 kW lamp and a high-contrast optical engine. Rental companies that already own a fleet of HDQ-2K40 projectors can reuse their XLD lenses for the HDQ-4K35 projector or opt for dedicated 4K lenses if higher lens shifts are needed to achieve the right image.

Designed with the rental and staging market in mind, the HDQ-4K35 comes with a rugged metal chassis to withstand the challenging conditions of continuous shipping.

Here are all the detailed tech specs.