As I sat down to write my blog today.

My mind kept going a certain way.

Our orientation starts on Labor Day.


Which means we have entered the fray.


September will go by in a flash,

We have started the 50 yard dash.

So here is an Ode to all my Tech Manger friends,

Who have already checked to see when this semester ends….




Summer is over

Convocation is near.

This is the time

that Tech Manager’s fear.

Faculty and students are back

No one is cutting you any slack.

All your upgrades had better be done,

Or it is time to come up with a pretty quick hack.


AMX, Panasonic, NEC and Crestron

Vaddio, LG, Samsung and Extron.

You have installed them all this summer,

Will they work once they finally get turned on?


A/V is a fickle friend.

If it does not work, your career could end.

But do not fear, whether it be rAVe Pubs or AV-1,

If you need help there is advice your colleagues are willing to lend.


If you get a trouble call here is my advice,

Walk in, smile, and be very nice.

The faculty are as nervous as you,

With the right response you won’t have to visit twice.


This Ode is short, and yes I know it.

After all I am not a poet.


I am proud to be an AV geek.

So let’s all hope we get through this week.