AVer Information Will Highlight its CAM570, VB342 Among Other Camera Series at Zoomtopia

AVer Information is going to be at Zoomtopia with its CAM570, VB342 Pro, CAM550, TR313V2 and MD330 Series cameras.

AVer’s CAM570 features a 4K dual-lens camera with 36X total zoom and an AI lens with 95-degree FOV. Designed for medium to large meeting rooms, the CAM570 features three pairs of built-in audio sensors that detect human voices up to 10M with audio tracking functionality.

The VB342 Pro is equipped with a 4K PTZ camera and a 92-degree optical lens with 15x zoom to deliver true-to-life video quality. Combining AVer’s cutting-edge features, including Smart Gallery, SmartSpeaker, Gesture Control and Audio Fencing, the VB342 Pro is the ultimate collaboration and presentation solution.
AVer’s CAM550 features two 4K lenses to capture a complete view of the room with wide-angle clarity. The CAM550 is the first PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom to frame meeting participants. The CAM550 combines Gesture Control and Smart Gallery to create a versatile solution for collaboration.

The TR313V2 boasts 12X optical zoom, a powerful 8MP camera and 4K resolution to offer a full range and pristine picture quality for professional productions. Featuring advanced artificial intelligence technology, the TR313V2 can track the speaker, whether full- or half-body, or a pre-set shoot zone without requiring a dedicated camera operator.

AVer’s MD330 Series (not yet Zoom certified) is a medical-grade PTZ camera explicitly designed for telemedicine and patient monitoring. Featuring IEC 60601 Medical Certification, the MD330 Series boasts 30X optical zoom with 4K output resolution to deliver superb image quality for healthcare environments.

Additionally, AVer will present a session focused on practical implementations of AI technology for meeting experiences. The broad-based world of video and audio AI technologies can provide many exciting possibilities for future collaboration, but it should also be designed to meet customers’ unique needs. Phil Marechal, senior director of products for AVer Information Inc., will discuss practical considerations for incorporating machine learning and AI into customer needs and requirements. Marechal’s engaging discussion will occur on November 8, 2022, at 2:15 pm PST in Theater 2.

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Join AVer in booth #14 at Zoomtopia from November 8–9, 2022, to explore the latest collaboration trends, tools and technology. For more information on Zoomtopia, please visit