AV Stumpfl Updates Wings Engine Media Servers and Wings Vioso Software, Adds Network Control

Wings AV allproducts 1920 1012

Wings-AV-allproducts--1920-1012AV Stumpfl is releasing updates to its Wings Engine media servers as well as its Wings Vioso software in November.

The new Wings Engine media servers offer a shock-proof cases with professional Neutrik connectors and an integrated 8.9″ touch display. They have up to four DVI outputs, two DVI and two HDSDI inputs, plus two symmetrical audio outputs.

Also updated, the Wings Vioso offers a selection of editing and compositing tools for the preparation of the show. There is no restriction either on the number of tracks, on the resolution or regarding the video codec. Even high resolution image sequences can be edited and played back.

Multidisplay presentations with several computers can be programmed comfortably in advance as the content is automatically distributed in master/slave mode to the appropriate server after the network has been established.

avstumpfl2-1012In addition to manual tools for projector warping, it is also possible to resort to the integrated Vioso tool. It takes over the geometric adjustment and the alignment of soft edge masks fully automatically using a camera-based calibration. AV Stumpfl says this shortens the configuration time considerably and allows more time for the programming itself. The new track faders and live players provide even more flexibility during the show. With these track-related tools, object parameters can be adjusted during the show or videos can even be added and played directly from the WindowsExplorer.

AV Stumpfl has also added a network control protocol, called Avio, which takes over control and distribution of all the signals. By linking Wings Vioso to other Wings AV components on a network, it offers an extensive array of options to integrate interactivity. Just about every device can be visualized in the Avio Manager and linked to other network nodes via drag and drop. The characteristics of each node can be selected, changed and monitored via a browser window. Access to all components via the browser is also possible using mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Even devices like Kinect, joysticks or Wii Controller can be used for parameter control using this protocol. Additional signals like DMX, RS232 or relay contacts can be made available in the Avio Manger via IOboxes.

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