AV Stumpfl Demos Uncompressed 8K Server with 12Bit Color Space


Promising to impress integrators, operators and exhibition designers, the Wings Engine Raw 8K claims to be the only media server of its type to offer uncompressed image quality of up to four simultaneous streams of 4K resolution (making one 8K image via a 2×2 configuration) for playback of native content. This server is also spec’d […]

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AV Stumpfl Launches Wings Vioso RX


AV Stumpfl has announced its next generation Wings Vioso RX software is available. Aimed at quick and easy adoption by existing users, the familiar user interface has been given an extensive facelift with several performance and feature optimizations. The new render engine is based on x64 architecture and includes several base level algorithms, replacing standard […]

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AV Stumpfl Launches 4K Wings Engine


AV Stumpfl announced its next generation Wings Engine that allows an operator’s system can be distributed over multiple physical machines. This means that multiple operators to control specific elements of a show. New multi-timeline and multi-master design enables ‘hot backups’ to be saved for critical jobs. The new 64-bit architecture software core includes native support […]

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AV Stumpfl Updates Wings Engine Media Servers and Wings Vioso Software, Adds Network Control


AV Stumpfl is releasing updates to its Wings Engine media servers as well as its Wings Vioso software in November. The new Wings Engine media servers offer a shock-proof cases with professional Neutrik connectors and an integrated 8.9″ touch display. They have up to four DVI outputs, two DVI and two HDSDI inputs, plus two […]

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