AV Stumpfl Integrates Beckhoff Automation and Control Technology Into PIXERA Show Control System

AV Stumpfl and Beckhoff PIXERA Show Control SystemAV Stumpfl and Beckhoff Automation recently announced their technology partnership. The aim of the collaboration is the integration of automation components from Beckhoff into the new show control system, PIXERA control.

Beckhoff implements open automation systems using proven PC-based control technology. PIXERA control is a distributed, software-based integration and control framework that allows users to host new functionalities within the PIXERA media server system and to control all aspects of an extended project environment. Anything users create and integrate can be distributed across their connected systems and shares itself.

The new show control system was released weeks ago and enables specialist planners and system integrators to configure and create connections between AV and media technologies. Four software-based module connections were successfully added to PIXERA control, which allow for simple integration of digital, analog, serial and DMX-based Beckhoff hardware modules.

The module integration is based on the Beckhoff ADS (automation device specification) interface. Inputs for effects like light switches, photoelectric barriers, analog inputs like control dials and encoders and outputs for motors or switching relays can be implemented within existing systems. This “plug-and-control” approach lays the foundation for the interaction of hardware and software components.