Vivitek Launches DU9900Z Heavy-Duty Laser Projector With Edge Blending and Lens Position Memory

Vivitek DU9900ZVivitek announced the launch of its latest heavy-duty laser projector, DU9900Z. The projector offers edge-blending and warping technology, motorized lens shift/focus/zoom and lens position memory. It is a single-chip DLP laser projector ideal for ProAV, rental, staging, outdoor and large venues with a choice of optional lenses. It also offers 360-degree portrait projection and 24/7 operation capability.

Features of the DU9900Z projector include:

  • 22,000 lumens
  • 0.96-inch DMD chip
  • 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • WUXGA resolution
  • Life of 30,000 hours in the “Eco Mode”
  • Lens positioning memory of up to five lenses
  • An image display size of up to 40 inches by 500 inches without distortion

With support for HDBaseT connectivity, image signals can be transmitted to the projector via cable and a standard Cat5e/6-LAN interface. This allows the projector to be placed up to 100 meters from the source by using only low-cost cabling. In addition, the projector has a 3G-SDI connector, allowing a camera to be used as an image source.

The DU9900 has been engineered to support Art-Net, a royalty-free communication protocol that enables DMX512-A and RDM (Remote Device Management) and lighting data to be transported over an Ethernet network. Art-Net uses a simple UDP-based packet structure designed to provide efficient and low overhead data flow. With Art-Net, SIs now only need to build up one system to control the lighting and the projector at the same time, and the projector will respond via a compiler program with DMX.

The DU9900Z supports Vivitek’s PJ-Control tool, which has a simple and easy-to-use UI design and adds further control viewing options, settings, scheduling and display adjustment features that can be controlled over a network.