AV Manufacturers Partner for The Higher Education Technology Summit

fsr-biamp-highered-0316Four well known audiovisual and classroom technologies manufacturers, FSR, Inc, Biamp Systems, Utelogy Corp. and SpinetiX, have partnered to create the first Higher Education Technology Summit (HETS). Created specifically for college and university managers of educational technology, HETS is designed to combine a day of product training, networking and peer-to-peer discussions in a fast moving format. The first HETS of 2016 will take place in Burlington, Mass on April 28th.

Gina Sansivero, Director of Business Development, Education at FSR, Inc tells why an event like HETS was created. “As industry leading manufacturers, we understand that educational technology managers are technically educated and experienced and are increasingly taking on more design and installation responsibilities in house. They are also developing technology standards and specifying products for the AV systems campus-wide. Technology managers typically have limited budgets for training and travel. A regional, cost- free, single day event provides the training they are asking for as well as time for time to network with their colleagues in schools throughout the region.”

Biamp, SpinetiX, Utelogy and FSR strategically aligned for the April event to help technology managers expand their knowledge as they prepare for upcoming summer installations. This Burlington HETS will provide a cost-free venue for educational technology managers to gather for a day of:

  • product training and updates provided by non-competitive AV manufacturers
  • a peer-to-peer panel discussion focusing on the challenges of faculty training, pedagogical modification and student success evaluation for technology enriched spaces
  • a networking component that gives attendees the ability to discuss successes and challenges with their contemporaries
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Reggie Payne, New England regional manager for NFS Communications, the manufacturer’s representative for FSR and SpinetiX explains, “We are excited to be able to support this group of EdTech managers with training from well-respected and diversified manufacturers.”

William Tinnel, New England regional manager for SYMCO, the manufacturer’s representative for Utelogy and Biamp adds, “We have received continuous feedback regarding the need for an event such as HETS and believe that this event in Burlington will be a springboard to create more HETS’ in regions with high demand.”

Event registration and further details are here.