Altinex Debuts UT260-052 Under Table 5×2 HDMI Switcher

UT260-052_main-0316Altinex just launched the UT260-052 Under Table 5×2 HDMI Switcher. The UT260-052 is a five input, two output switcher and is designed to be used with Altinex ShareTime controllers that enable shared control of multiple inputs on a single monitor. It uses all HDMI inputs and outputs.

The UT260-052 switcher has five HDMI video inputs that can be routed to two outputs. In addition to the five external inputs, there is a sixth internal media player input available to play MPEG files from a USB flash drive that can serve as a simple digital signage media player.

TV power (or power for a video display with support for CEC commands) and input selection on the UT260-052 is controlled through the use of CEC commands from the switcher. At power up or upon waking the system, the switcher turns on the TVs and then sets the TV inputs to those connected to the switcher outputs.

Here are the specs.