Altinex Debuts HDMI Signal Generator, Analyzer and Cable Tester


THIS IS A PROMOTED POST FROM ALTINEX By Maria Ocampo Altinex AV systems are chock full of audio, video and control equipment. One of the challenges installers face today is troubleshooting and resolving video difficulties. HDMI video signals present a special challenge, as a combination of different equipment, cables, extenders, converters and switchers create an […]

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Altinex Adds Control Capabilities to MultiTasker


Altinex just introduced the Neutron MT312-104 Digital MultiTasker Control Card for use with the MultiTouch family of touch panels for boardrooms, lecture halls, residential control systems, among others. It is designed with sensory inputs to control any third-party equipment and provides unlimited possibilities in designing audiovisual systems when combined with the power of the AVSnap software.  The MT312-104 is equipped with […]

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Altinex Introduces TE460-137 HDMI Signal Generator and Analyzer


Altinex just launched the TE460-137 HDMI Signal Generator and Analyzer, which is designed for installers and consultants for testing and verifying all aspects of an HDMI signal path. Altinex says the TE460-137 is portable and can test and verify compliance with HDMI specification regardless of what is used between inputs and outputs. The TE460-137 has both HDMI input and […]

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Altinex Debuts TNP327 and TNP327C Interconnect Boxes


Altinex just launched the TNP327 and TNP327C Tilt ‘N Plug tabletop interconnect boxes. Available in both standard and custom configurations, the TNP327 is designed for mounting into tables, podiums or other furniture as part of a presentation system. Inputs are accessed by pushing down on the top cover, allowing the unit to tilt open. The inputs are hidden […]

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Altinex Expands Cable Nook Product Line with CNK202


Altinex has just introduced the CNK202 Cable Nook Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box, the company’s latest addition to its Cable Nook product line. The CNK202 Cable Nook provides a way of hiding and storing multimedia cables and fixed connectors. The new CNK202 has no mounting brackets. This feature enables integrators to install the unit from the […]

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Altinex Debuts HM200-100 Sports Bar Video Distribution System


Altinex has introduced the HM200-100 Sports Bar Video Distribution System. With support for 12 inputs, 48 outputs and four audio zones right out of the box, Altinex says the HM200-100 provides all the infrastructure to implement a large-scale sports bar AV system. The Altinex HM200-100 provides 12 video inputs for satellite receivers and 48 video […]

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Altinex Expands Digital MultiTasker Product Line With MT302-121


Altinex has expanded its Digital Multitasker product line with the debut of the MT302-121 Digital MultiTasker. The MT302-121 supports up to 12 Digital MultiTasker cards and is equipped with two Ethernet ports, an IR receiver/IR blaster, and an LCD front panel. Control is accomplished through a computer, a control system or any device capable of establishing a standard TCP […]

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Altinex Introduces TP115-401 and TP115-402 HDMI Over IP Transmitter / Receiver System


Altinex just debuted the new TP115-401 and TP115-402 HDMI Over IP Transmitter / Receiver System. Part of the company’s Homerun Series of products, the new TP115-401 and TP115-402 are designed for digital signage applications and enable users to easily create an AV Over IP matrix system incorporating up to as many as 60 TP115-401 transmitters and 120 TP115-402 receivers. The new TP115-401 […]

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Altinex Expands Cable Nook Product Line With New CNK220 and CNK222


Altinex has added two new interconnect boxes to its Cable Nook product line: the CNK220 and CNK222. Both the CNK220 and CNK222 provide a way of enabling the user to access connections to AC power, USB charging, HDMI, network and other media sources from a table-mounted box. The Altinex CNK220 includes the CNK200 Cable-Nook Modular Tabletop Interconnect […]

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Altinex Debuts CNK600 Cable Nook Customizable Interconnect Plates


Altinex just launched a new CNK600 Cable Nook interconnect box with SP2116SC and SP2117SC customizable interconnect plates. Designed for use in boardrooms and conference rooms, the CNK600 Cable Nook provides a means of hiding/storing cables and connectors when not in use. The SP2116SC and SP2117SC interconnect plates include HDMI, VGA, USB, network access, USB charging, AC power and more. […]

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Altinex Expands UT260 Series Under Table Switcher Product Line


Altinex announced three new additions to the company’s UT260 Series of under table switchers: the UT260-102, UT260-103 and UT260-104. The new Altinex UT260-102 is a multi-format switcher with HDMI, VGA and Display Port (DP) input capability outputting to HDMI with de-embedded audio. The UT260-102 offers multi-format inputs to accommodate VGA, DisplayPort, VGA, and HDMI signals […]

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Altinex Debuts Neutron MT322-105 and MT322-107 Power Distribution Cards for the MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker


Altinex just introduce the MT322-105 and MT322-107 power distribution cards for use with its MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker. Both units distribute AC power from a single AC source to multiple AC outlets. With these one-in, three-out AC power distribution cards, the outlets can be connected to any type of audio/video equipment. And both cards have built-in […]

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Altinex Debuts Neutron MT312-104 Control Card


Altinex just launched the Neutron MT312-104 Control Card for use with the company’s MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker. The Neutron MT312-104 Control Card provides control of both serial and IR devices and includes two relays and two sensor inputs – the relays can be used to control external equipment such as screens. The sensor inputs are used […]

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Altinex Intros the MT302-201 Digital MultiTasker


Altinex will introduce the new MT302-201 Digital Multitasked at InfoComm next week. The MT302-201 Digital Multitasker is a 4-RU, rack mountable chassis that allows for input and output modules — it has 20-slots. Thus, the MT302-201 supports up to 20 Digital MultiTasker cards and is equipped with two Ethernet ports, an IR receiver/IR blaster and […]

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Altinex Debuts Anywire TP315-101 and TP315-102 Transmitter/Receiver System That Sends 1080p Over Speaker Wire


Altinex just launched the Anywire TP315-101 and TP315-102 Transmitter / Receiver System designed for sending 1080p/60 Hz HDMI signal over any type of copper wire, including speaker wire, low voltage wires, any type of CAT wires, coaxial wires and more. Anywire facilitates the transmission of live video and computer video signals with synchronized audio over […]

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Altinex Debuts UT260-052 Under Table 5×2 HDMI Switcher


Altinex just launched the UT260-052 Under Table 5×2 HDMI Switcher. The UT260-052 is a five input, two output switcher and is designed to be used with Altinex ShareTime controllers that enable shared control of multiple inputs on a single monitor. It uses all HDMI inputs and outputs. The UT260-052 switcher has five HDMI video inputs […]

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Altinex Debuts Stackable Frames for TNP Jr. and CNK Jr. Series Tabletop Interconnect Products


Altinex has a new CM Series bezel frames for use with the company’s TNP Jr. or CNK Jr. Series Tabletop Interconnect Products. Available in two- (CM12462), three- (CM12463), or four- (CM12464) space configurations, these new bezel frames enable integrators to configure desktop interconnect box systems that can be customized. The new CM Series bezel frames […]

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Altinex Announces VP500-103 High Resolution Media Player


Altinex’s new VP500-103 Media Player is designed for meeting rooms, lecture halls and presentation environments. The VP500-103 includes a 500 MB USB flash and selectable NTSC/PAL or HD output resolutions. The VP500-103 can also accommodate SD, SDHC and MMC memory cards. The VP500-103 supports a variety of file formats including MPEG1 for 480p or 720p […]

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Altinex Debuts TNP461 Tilt ‘N Plug International Tabletop Interconnect Box


Altinex has introduced the TNP461 Tilt ’N Plug International Tabletop Interconnect Box. Designed for mounting into tables, podiums, or other furniture, the new TNP461 is an international model with a universal power connector designed to accommodate multiple countries. As a pre-configured, compact hybrid interconnect solution that includes audio, network, USB and video ports. The new […]

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Altinex Debuts TNP358 Tilt ‘N Plug Interconnect Box


Altinex has a new TNP358 Tilt ‘N Plug interconnect box that is designed for mounting into tables, podiums or other furniture as part of a presentation system. The TNP358 is available in both black or brushed aluminum finishes and includes dual AC power sockets, two charging USB ports, plus HDMI and audio connectors. To patch […]

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Altinex Debuts TNP530 Retractable Box


Altinex’s new TNP530 Tilt ‘N Plug retractable tabletop interconnect box is designed for mounting into tables, podiums, or other furniture. The new TNP530 includes dual 12 Amp U.S. power receptacles, two USB ports, retractable VGA and HDMI video ports / cables, one RJ-45 network connector, and a 3.5 mm audio connector. The TNP530 incorporates Altinex’s RT300 Series […]

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Altinex Expands ShareTime Line


Altinex has expanded the ShareTime collaboration product line with the ShareTime HDMI Cable (CB300-101), the ShareTime 4×1 HDMI switcher (UT260-041) and the ShareTime Collaboration Package (UT100-041). The Altinex ShareTime HDMI Cable is marketed as a display controller that enables display control using a ShareTime controller and cable in a single assembly. Multiple ShareTime HDMI cables […]

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Altinex Debuts TNP328 and TNP328S Interconnect Boxes


Altinex just launched the new TNP328 and TNP328S Tilt ‘N Plug compact hybrid interconnect boxes. Available in both high quality matte black (TNP328) and clear brushed aluminum (TNP328S) finishes, the TNP328 and TNP328S interconnect boxes offer one touch access to dual 12 Amp AC power receptacles, both HDMI and VGA video inputs, an RJ-45 network […]

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Altinex Intros TNP355C Power Plus Box


Altinex has launched the new TNP355C Tilt ‘N Plug Power Plus Box that combines dual AC power outlets and dual USB charging ports in a chrome housing. The new TNP355C is designed for mounting into tables, podiums, or other furniture and power and USB charging ports are accessed by pushing down on the top cover […]

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Altinex Expands MUSE Line


Altinex has added two new additions to the company’s Muse HDMI+Power+IR+RS-232 signal management and distribution system: the MU400-123 and MU500-122, which allow for AC power to the far end and send an HDMI signal back to the near end. This “reverse” capability provides integrators with the power necessary for video equipment and the ability to […]

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Altinex Announces ShareTime Collaboration System


Altinex’s new ST100-001 ShareTime Collaboration System uses chunky adapters that look like over-sized flash drives but it connects to an HDMI cable to an HDMI display. Using CEC-based (Consumer Electronics Control) control signals, ShareTime enables users to turn the display on and select different inputs just by touching the top surface of the ShareTime adapter. […]

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Altinex Intros Muse for Distributing Video, Power, Control Over a Single Cat6 Cable


At InfoComm, Altinex introduced Muse, a new system for distributing power, HDMI, and IR control signals in AV systems. Muse offers the ability to distribute power, HDMI and IR control signals up to 300 feet (90 meter) over a single, low voltage, shielded Cat6 cable — which means no more worrying about electrical outlet placement. […]

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Altinex Ships Another 1×2 VGA Distribution Amplifier


Altinex has started shipping the DA1907LX Ditto-Amp, which is a one-input, two-output VGA distribution amplifier. It uses female 15-pin HD (VGA-type) connectors on all input and output connectors, with both outputs buffered. The DA1907LX is compatible with RGsB, RGBS and RGBHV signal types and the female 15-pin HD input features native Plug & Play compatibility […]

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Altinex Ships Compact Video Twisted Pair Transmitter and Receiver Set


Altinex has started shipping its TP115-120 and TP115-121 compact video twisted pair (TP) transmitter and receiver set. The TP115-120 provides transmission of computer and analog HDTV video signals (input via VGA port) over CAT-5/6 cable, while the TP115-121 receives these signals over twisted pair-type cable and converts it back to VGA. The Altinex TP115-120/TP115-121 transmitter […]

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