Alexis AV Talk — Episode 4: How Kenneth Peve Is Using His Industry Skills in a Fourth-Grade Classroom

alexis av talk 4The past year has been and continues to be a challenge for those in the AV industry, and it is even harder on those in the live events AV community.

We are used to being behind the scenes, but being in the background proves to be more problematic — we are not at the forefront of minds when it comes to aiding, funding and keeping our industry going. We live to produce meetings/conventions, concerts and theater. There are 12 million people who work behind the scenes in this profession and have been impacted by this downturn.

In episode 4 of Alexis AV Talk, I speak with a friend and former manager, Kenneth Peve. Ken is a director of event technology in the Chicago area. We discuss his career path at Presentation Services, being a leader in the industry and using the skills you have to take on new opportunities.

Ken returned to one of his passions — teaching — and uses his teaching skills and experience to teach fourth grade full time. He is one of the many creative, innovative and resilient people in live events. You’ll definitely want to hear his story.