Alexis AV Talk – Episode 10: How AVIXA Foundation Attracts Students to the AV Industry

alexis av talk 10

In episode 10 of Alexis AV Talk, we bring you up to speed about the AVIXA Foundation and its yearly student scholarships. Joseph Valerio is the program director, member engagement at AVIXA — part of his duties include managing the AVIXA Foundation. Valerio discusses the foundation’s efforts in attracting new talent for the AV talent pipeline globally, as well as its scholarship opportunities.

We also talked with two of the 2021 scholarship award winners, Irene Ataifo (Mosaic Scholarship) and Angelina Jonkaitis (Michael Vergauwen Scholarship), who discuss what it meant to them to win their scholarships, their current studies and work and how they foresee their future career paths.

Finally, Chet Neal, owner of Reliance AV, talks with us about how he has found past and present interns in the theater program at his local high school.

The 2022 scholarships are open for submissions through July 31. Students can apply for them and get more information about foundation programs here.