512 Audio Releases Two New XLR Microphones for Podcasts and Livestreaming

512 Audio XLR Microphone
512 Audio, a new audio brand, announced two XLR microphones 一 Limelight and Skylight 一 and a lineup of studio products for creating podcasts, livestreams, vocal recordings and more. Developed by the team behind Warm Audio’s microphones, preamps, guitar pedals and more, 512 Audio launches from Austin, Texas.

For its initial debut, 512 Audio is introducing five products built to help creators capture speech and vocals:


  • Limelight ($199.99): a dynamic vocal XLR mic for talk-focused podcasts, broadcasts or livestreams. It includes a combination of a modern circuit and professional dynamic capsule. 512 says Limelight’s hyper-cardioid pattern creates a hyper-focused pickup field to capture voice and cut out unwanted ambient noise. The built-in pop shield and switchable, low-frequency filter can also remove intrusive plosives and low-end rumble.
  • Skylight ($199.99): a large-diaphragm condenser XLR microphone featuring a 34-mm gold-plated capsule. It is engineered with a voice-tailored frequency response to capture speech and singing vocals. With a fixed cardioid pickup pattern, 512 says Skylight records voice in front of the mic and reduces ambient room noise. The included metal mesh pop filter and low-profile shockmount can also eliminate unwanted plosives and low-end rumble.

Setup Offerings:

  • 512-BBA Boom Arm ($79.99): an adjustable microphone boom arm with a 360-degree rotation and high-tension spring designed for stay-in-place mic positioning.
  • Academy Headphones ($99.99): studio monitor headphones with 45-mm dynamic drivers. According to 512, they are ergonomically designed and have an acoustic seal.
  • 512-Pop Professional Microphone Pop Filter ($39.99): a metal mesh pop filter to achieve clear speech and vocals.

Limelight, Skylight, the 512-BBA boom arm and the 512-Pop filter are all available now. Academy studio monitor headphones will be available in October.