3D LCD From Epson!

3d-tvThe more competition that enters the 3D market, the quicker this technology can get to mass market (and we are FINALLY seeing something beyond just Philips!) Now, another player is making a major play. It is Epson, announcing a high-resolution 3D LCD panel in development.

Epson says the resolution is equivalent to QVGA and it uses an autostereoscopic 3D liquid-crystal display with a lenticular lens. Epson is boasting a 31-32.5 mm view width (or 1.22-1.27 inches). This sounds confusing, but please see the associated graphic with this story. Epson’s point is that, the wider the view width, such as the conventional 62-65 mm width (also the distance equal to the separation between the eyes of an average person), the more you lose resolution and 3D information. Half the view width delivers more data in Epson’s model.

Epson also says this technology offers smoother 3D and because it is a multiview system, it should, according to the company, provide superior 3D image reproduction because the image that is visible changes along with the observer’s vantage point relative to the screen. To heighten the illusion of depth in stereoscopic 3D images, design engineers can increase the number of views so that the image can be viewed from various head positions.

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