2,800 Designs Later, Luxul’s Customer Assurance Program is Big

Luxul today announced that 2,800 certified wired and wireless network designs have been provided to its dealer base in the first year of the company’s customer assurance program or CAP. For residential and commercial applications, the certified designs allow integrators to deliver Wi-Fi networks that are guaranteed to meet their customers’ reliability and performance requirements.

To participate in CAP, Luxul dealers simply register their projects here, where they provide project details and requirements. Based on this input, Luxul sales engineers will deliver a complete custom network design, including both required and optional equipment, along with educational pages meant to bring awareness to end users of things like the importance of a reliable network, what remote management and internet content management are and their importance, as well as what interference is and how it can be accounted for in a proper design. Dealers simply install the network based on the design and complete it with a remote management platform like Domotz.

Luxul’s advanced support team is available to dealers requiring assistance configuring their certified networks, while any product experiencing a failure will be promptly replaced. If the wired or wireless network doesn’t perform as expected, Luxul will provide additional equipment, at no cost, to meet the integrators’ and customers’ expectations.

Here are the details.