Domotz’s Interface Update Includes Alert Improvements, New Sensors and More


Domotz has made some improvements to its interface. The new features include alert improvements, new sensors for network traffic interfaces, auto-closing of ConnectWise Manage tickets and improved performance for the Sites Explorer.

Now, you can delete alert profiles, display the number of monitored variables by each alert profile and display alert contact channels in a dedicated tab. And, they’ve added a new SNMP template for monitoring just the sensors you care about on Network Interfaces. The new template allows monitoring and setting alerts on all the Network Interfaces, consuming a lower number of sensors.

Also, you can automatically close ConnectWise Manage tickets based on network and device events resolving, and automatically close tickets when a device or network goes back up or an alert trigger is resolved (e.g., rack room temperature going below the threshold).

And, finally, Demote added performance improvements for the Sites Explorer on the mobile app.

All the details are here.